Traditional Approaches to Marketing That are Still Alive

Traditional marketing approaches need a bigger budget when compared to digital marketing approaches. They are a little more expensive but definitely are effective for the business.
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The traditional approaches to marketing are marketing strategies that were used a long long time ago. Before the digital media or as we call it the internet age took over, it was the traditional mode of marketing that ruled.

Marketing goes back to a long time ago, there have been different ways a business had found to come in the eyes of their customers.

Back in the time, Marketing was solely dependent on local newspaper advertisements, Tv and radio advertisements, telephone books, billboards, etc.

Now, most businesses just dependent on digital marketing modes such as e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, to name a few. They depend on these marketing approaches and surround their strategies around these only.

They have succumbed to the internet age, and are not open to looking out of it. It is true that digital marketing does prove successful for businesses, but it is also true that some traditional marketing approaches as well, work great for any brand awareness.

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Ignoring traditional marketing approaches does no good for any business because there are some traditional approaches that are still alive and work as useful for many businesses.

Direct Mail

All marketing strategies are concentrated on email marketing now, and the good old direct mail is getting extinct. That shouldn’t be the case, as direct mail is a traditional marketing approach that works really well for any business.

Direct mail is effective because it has a personal touch. Directly sending it to your prospective clients would have an effect on them, and it also helps in remembering the brand name. Direct Mail is a great way of spreading brand awareness.

It’s like how people would prefer a hand-written letter, over a printed one, in the same way, direct mail has a deeper effect on the minds of consumers than the usual e-mail marketing.


Billboards are the most attention-seeking traditional marketing approach that is still alive. Even today, while driving on the road we see big hoardings of different brands that are attractive and stay on our minds for long.

Billboards are better when they’re bigger. The design should be eye-catchy, and the text should be readable and clear in its message. The design should speak for the brand. The billboard should make the viewer curious to know more about the brand.

Billboards are a great way of spreading brand awareness.

Networking – Face to face

Human interaction has always been above any marketing strategy. Telling prospective buyers directly about your product, and leaving a mark on them has had a better result than mails, or any other marketing strategy.

Networking is the key to any business’s success. Building a good network, and maintaining the same has always proved beneficial for any kind of business. Your network is your net worth. Networks can be built by attending events, trade shows, conferences that are related to your businesses. These are great places to pitch your product and spread awareness about your brand.

Print Advertisements

Newspapers were the source of any kind of information. Reading newspapers was instilled in people’s routine and they couldn’t start their day without it. Hence, businesses posted advertisements in newspapers to market themselves. Newspaper advertisements are still alive.

No matter the digital age, people still read newspapers and this traditional marketing approach is still alive. The same goes for magazines. Magazines are less read nowadays as most things can just be found on smart devices, yet advertising in magazines does have a positive effect even today.

These strategies might be old, but not something to ignore because as long as newspapers and magazines are printed, they would be read too.


Telemarketing, or as we call it cold calling was the way any business marketed their product in the past. Though not so much, but this is still alive now. We still receive calls where people talk endlessly about their products and services.

Cold calling is a marketing strategy that’s sure to show results. It is important as it has a personal touch, like marketing face-to-face, you’re in close contact with your target audience, and now everything depends on the way you talk about your business.

It is definitely not easy to call anyone randomly and have them pay attention to what you say, and that is why this is the traditional marketing approach that still holds good for businesses.

Broadcasting – Television & Radio

Broadcasting goes back in time when there were only radios as a source of entertainment. Many businesses started using radio to market their products, with audio marketing. This was the way to spread brand awareness back then. Then came in the television and these audios turned to video advertisements.

Those were the times when marketing became a crucial part of any business. There was so much competition, who’s better than whom. The advertisements had to be crisp, to the point, and above all entertaining.

People were hooked on to shows they were watching and so business advertisements had to grasp their attention and make them not change channels.

Though now there’s social media and many other sources of visual advertising and marketing, Television and Radio marketing approaches are still alive. We still hear RJ’s talk about a new deal or opening in our surroundings. TV ads are endless, they’re entertaining, developed with age, and very informative.

So, these are sure the sources of marketing that businesses should invest in as they can target a larger audience.


Marketing through salespeople goes back to more than years ago. But, we can all vouch for the fact that it’s still as prominent as it was back then. This traditional marketing approach is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential clients.

Salespeople would go door to door and talk about the product of any business, directly to the consumer. They would try and sell as much they could with their sales visit. People in the sales department are given a target to achieve and are required to reach those goals. Though, not so much but salespeople still visit our doorsteps with their offers even today.

Printed Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials include flyers, pamphlets, and brochures. These are called traditional approaches because they go back in time when they were printed in black and white to later in color. Flyers and Pamphlets are seen in abundant with different businesses marketing themselves through various offers and deals.

They have an effect even today, hence it’s vital that the design and look of these printed materials are chosen appropriately and they represent what the business stands for.

Referrals & Word of Mouth

The power of speech can’t be stressed enough. Word-of-mouth is the most effective way of marketing approach. Nothing like someone boasting about your brand, and telling their friends and family about it.

It has an effect because marketing is done through trusted sources. Word-of-mouth even today stands as the number one marketing technique.

To motivate someone to spread awareness about your brand, you could give them deals and referrals that make them pay attention to you, and if satisfied, you’re sure to get in more customers through word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

Point of Purchase

This is a traditional marketing approach that is used by businesses with a store. It is to make a customer buy more than what they have already bought. At checkout points, customers are shown more products, deals, etc, and are encouraged to buy them. The advantage is, the customer is already at your store and interested in your product, so by marketing a little more, you could make a bigger sale.

Community Engagement

Our own community helps us grow first, and it is important to be engaged with them and build good relations.

Spreading a word in the community about your business is also a good traditional marketing approach that still works. Being active in the community and giving them information about your brand, also results in word-of-mouth marketing. It is helpful in getting the initial set of customers, and push your business forward. Communities and networking have always been a good source for any business.


Traditional marketing approaches haven’t gone extinct. With the growth of digital marketing, it has become a lot easier to market any business, but that doesn’t mean some good old strategies should be ignored. These techniques or strategies have a good effect on the intended audience.

Personal touch incurred through direct mail, telemarketing, Networking, salesperson, and community engagement have a psychological effect on the receiver as they feel important for the brand.

It also helps in making people remember your brand. Also, marketing strategies like, Billboards, flyers, newspaper advertisements, television, and radio advertisement and brochures help in increasing brand awareness.

Traditional marketing approaches need a bigger budget when compared to digital marketing approaches. They are a little more expensive but definitely are effective for the business. As per the budget of your business, you can choose the traditional marketing approach. 

Market now to succeed later.

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