The Future of Artificial Intelligence

It can be used to change the processes for jobs, automate the ones possible, create new jobs for the people, and make the existing jobs better and challenging.
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Artificial intelligence has taken over a large part of our society and made life easier for us in many ways. Intelligent machines have created a buzz in the world today. Artificial intelligence is a branch of science that is shaping a convenient future for all of us.

There are thousands of people looking out for various innovative applications for Artificial Intelligence. Some of the uses of artificial intelligence are already known, whereas others are on their way. Some of the probable ways in which artificial intelligence is going to make an impact to our society in the future are as below.

It can be used to change the processes for jobs, automate the ones possible, create new jobs for the people, and make the existing jobs better and challenging.

1. Autopilot Transportation

Most of you must already be aware of the self-driven cars available these days? It is a noticeable advancement in terms of artificial intelligence. The giant players in the field of car manufacturing have taken the idea of auto-pilot transportation quite seriously.

Self-driven cars are a popular concept in the present day scenario. In the future, we can expect that several public means of transport will become auto-pilot or driverless. This, in turn, is expected to reduce a lot of manual labor.

Companies such as Tesla, Uber, and Google are drawn towards the idea of autopilot and autonomous transport systems already, so we can expect that it would be widely accepted worldwide in the days to come.

2. Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities tend to incorporate manual labor to a large extent to this day. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, there is a chance that in the future, several redundant and repetitive tasks will get automated. Some of the automation has already come into the place, but there are more to come.

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in the different kinds of manufacturing facilities might require some amount of human interference but, most of it can be automated and a lot of time saved.

3. Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector has also seen a gradual progression in terms of the growth with Artificial Intelligence. With the application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, it can be expected that the most critical diseases can be diagnosed quickly and accurately.

The process of drug discovery has also quickened using the latest Artificial Intelligent technology. There are virtual nursing assistants available where, with the analysis of the data obtained, the patient experience can be curated for a more effective treatment approach. 

4. Personal Assistants

Virtual Assistants are already in the market, and a lot of us might be using it already. It can be expected that with the progress in the field of technology, Artificial intelligence is going to take the place of real assistants and even mimic the actions and emote like real assistants.

With artificial intelligence, it would be possible to create robots that would emote like humans and do all the tasks as efficiently as an actual assistant would do. These artificial intelligence utilized robots will be used in the daycare centers, elder homes, hospitality industry, and more.

Several clerical tasks could be allotted to these personal assistants in the form of robots created using artificial intelligence.

5. Robots in Dangerous Tasks

There are several jobs which risk the lives of the workers. It is time that we took some steps towards a safer future for all. In the future, with the growth of artificial intelligence, there would be several robots created that would efficiently perform risky tasks that otherwise would be done by humans.

There are many jobs where people risk their lives every day, such as firefighting, sewage treatment, bomb diffusion, and the like. With the advancement in smarter robots, we can expect that in many of these jobs, humans will be replaced by the robots for a greater good. 

6. Detection of Climate Change and other Environmental Factors

Climate change is a major issue these days where floods and earthquake-prone zones have a tough time making a livelihood. Due to our lack of awareness, we are unable to take many actions against natural calamities.

With Artificial Intelligence empowered tools, in the future, it would be easier to predict the future and bring awareness for the ongoing climate changes issues as well.

Our daily activities have many implications on the climate that we are yet to know of. Smart homes with the use of Artificial Intelligence in the future would be capable of utilizing the resources in an optimized way and, in turn, ensure that the damage to our environment is reduced considerably.

7. In EdTech Industry

This is the era of a digitalized world where everything digital is taking over the real. Apart fro the digitalization of the textbooks and study materials that we have already seen, there has been a new trend in virtual tutors. These are artificial intelligence-driven technology that can guide actual instructors and educational practitioners.

These virtual tutors can be used to analyze the facial expression of students and have a tailor-made experience for each individual student to meet their educational requirements. These virtual tutors can help teachers understand their students better and cater to their needs to the optimum.

9. For Customer Support

Customer support is a tedious task. It takes a lot of time, and it almost requires the customer support specialist to be on their toes every moment. Utilization of Chatbots that is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, will ensure that a lot of time and effort is saved from the perspective of the dedicated employees.

The system is trained to understand the context and the nuances and accordingly take the decisions to move ahead. This can be a great way to ease up the process of customer support in the future.

9. In Journalism

Journalism and the media industry has also used Artificial Intelligence in the recent past. The application of artificial intelligence is even higher in the present day. There are people tools and technologies based on Artificial intelligence that can be used effectively to generate leads and find new stories.

It can be used further to code news in different languages and generate financial reports with accuracy and quality as well. 


Artificial Intelligence is known to bring these changes and more in our daily activities. It can be used to change the processes for jobs, automate the ones possible, create new jobs for the people, and make the existing jobs better and challenging.

In one side, Artificial Intelligence can remove some of the toughest tasks in a job, the process of creating something worthwhile is yet to be seen.

In the future, we can expect that artificial intelligence will have some positive effect on the fields mentioned above. Apart from that, Artificial Intelligence can also create changes in the work culture at large.

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