The Best Video Calling Apps for Android & iOS

When choosing the best app to use during a video call, one should consider reliability, video quality, easy to use security, and customer support.
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With advancements in technology, the sophisticated and effective ways of communication have enhanced interaction. People can virtually connect with employers and colleagues.

Meetings and conferences can be conducted via the medium in the comfort of the participants’ homes at the same time.

This minimizes resource wastage like time and money. Video call apps simplify and bind the people with the same agenda through one software.

When choosing the best app to use during a video call, one should consider reliability, video quality, easy to use security, and customer support.

The best video call apps can be installed on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The apps include:

1. Google Duo

It is simple to use since one is required to log-in, and verify the number. Its simplicity and straightforward brings video calling forefront. It is cross-platform and it can work between IOS and Android. The feature of ‘Knock-Knock’ allows one to preview the caller before picking the call.

It meant for consumers and not a business and mostly relies on the phone number of the user. It is ideal to use with friends who may not have an iPhone and is reliable regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection. The maximum users are 12.

2. Skype

It is one of the best cross-platform app because of the native apps on most platforms. It is best for devices like Macs, mobile devices, and Personal computers. It is available in IOS, Android and can be accessed through a web browser and it allows real-time translation and screen sharing.

This app is powerful and can allow group video calls of around 25 to a maximum of 50 people. It introduced us to free video chat via the internet and you can share photos, emojis among others. It integrates well with office 365 for business Skype and Skype background can be changed just like zoom.

3. Viber

It has a user-friendly interface and easy to use since you click on the camera, sign up, and begin the conversation. It is available freely for operating systems mobile devices like Blackberry, Apple devices, and Windows Phone.

It is secure and it automatically encrypts video calls, group chats, voice and photos to secure them. The messages are hidden to prevent them from popping up on screen hence other users will not see. It allows you to make free international video & voice calls.

4. WhatsApp

It is a popular app used by millions of people to make video calls daily worldwide on Android, Windows devices, and iOS. The users must have a working internet connection. It is best for a small group of up to a limit of 8 people. You can start a call with one person then connect other participants easily.

Calling features are easy and may not be complex to the users. One is required to open the contact and press the video call button when connected to the internet. This app has features of sharing media files, GIFS. It is secured and does not display ads. The maximum users are 4.

5. Tango

This app over years have been modified into fully-fledged service which enables both video call and voice call. It provides high-quality video. It has features like sharing videos, audio, photos, stickers and one can share live-stream videos. Using this app is cheap since it consumes lesser data compared to other apps. One can switch voice or video calls even when the call is on.

6. JioChat

After the arrival of Jio Sim cards in India, the entire telecommunication industry has seen a major change. Similarly, Jio apps have also changed the entire scenario of apps in India. If you are looking for a music app then Jio has an app for it. If you are looking for a streaming app then JioTV is for you. Similarly, If you want to make video calls then JioChat is made for you.

JioChat is used by millions of people in India for crystal clear video calls. All the calls made by this app are of decent quality. JioChat allows you to video call up to five people. You can also send files or chat with your friends through different stickers in the JioChat app. All these features make it a worthy video calling app.

7. JusTalk

If you are looking for a simple app that will help you to connect with your friends and family then JusTalk is made for you. You can use JusTalk to stay in touch with your friends and family members through video calls.

All the calls that are made through JusTalk are in high-quality. If you are a person who loves to do conference calls then JusTalk will let you video call to 16 different people at the same time. You can not only video call your friends but you can also share files like pictures, videos, stickers, locations, and, voice notes with each other through JusTalk.

8. Zoom

If you have to talk with a lot of people through video conferencing then Zoom is made for you. In recent times, Zoom has seen tremendous growth in its user base. If your focus is on the numbers then Zoom is the only option that will allow you to share the screen with a hundred people at the same time.

With the Zoom app, you can interact with each other and share your thoughts. Zoom is created to making video conferring easier. If your prime focus is to do video conferences then Zoom is for you.

9. Snapchat

Many of you will find it hard but you can Snapchat as a video calling tool too. Snapchat is a very creative platform that allows us to share our day to day life with our friends and family members through snaps. But do you know that you can video chat with 16 people at the same time on Snapchat? Snapchat is a perfect application for video chats. You must give Snapchat’s video chat feature a try.

Video call apps with high-speed internet connectivity enable instant interaction and when choosing the app to use, people can choose according to their needs and preference. The apps keep improving with innovative features, functionalities, and optimization.

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