The Best Educational Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The parents and teachers should guide the kids while using these apps so that they understand what they are viewing and what they really want to be.
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Learning not only takes place inside the classroom but also outside in the real. With the latest technologies, kids can learn about colors, shapes, and numbers via educational apps. These apps keep the kids’ attention, entertain them, and help them with early reading skills.

They foster education, make them active physically and emotionally, and make their little brains grow.

Since their brains are like a sponge hence they can absorb information. The parents and teachers should guide the kids while using these apps so that they understand what they are viewing and what they really want to be.

The best Apps include:

1. Avokiddo ABC Ride

This app puts the alphabets into action and the child can fill letters while listening to the phonetic sound. It takes the child through the alphabets and since it is interactive, it makes the child engage actively.

It is also flexible since you can adjust from lowercase to uppercase or shuffle the order of the letters. This is a great adventure because the child is excited to predict the next letter. This app is recommended for children aged 2-5. The price is $2.99 and is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and iPad.

2. Bugs and Button

This app teaches toddler concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and puzzles. The child is supposed to perform a variety of tasks using bugs. This challenges the kid to assemble all the colored items and put them together.

This is a challenge that encourages them to see the next activity. It is recommended for the toddlers aged 3-5 since they are required to use two fingers on the screen. The price is $2.99 and is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android.

3. Moose Math

This is a free app that introduces the concepts of numbers and math to the child. It enables the child to practice addition, subtraction, and counting by using lost and found swing gather similar objects together.

The app is designed in a fun city-setting and this rewards the kids to build their buildings and decorate them. This motivates them to continue learning and perform well in math. It is recommended for those between 3-5 plus years. It is available on IPad, Android, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

4. LeapFrog Academy

This app has major staying power, unlike others that get stale. It is an interactive adventure that helps the child to learn age-appropriate skills. A child practices different learning activities and skills to get rewards and unlock the new levels.

These activities are engaging and fun, and the children may not realize that they are learning, for example, whack-a-mole letter matching. It is designed for kids aged 3-6 and the price is free for a month and after that, the price will be $7.99. Wi-Fi is needed and it is available in IPad, Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

5. Alpha Tots and Tally Tots

With these apps, parental assistance is required to help the toddlers understand the concepts when working on the essentials of letters and numbers.  They are entertaining and help the toddlers to associate the number with their sound. They illustrate where the letter is found in the sequence of the alphabet or how the number looks like when it is written down. It is recommended for those aged 2.5-4.

6. BYJU’s KG

BYJU’s KG is a dedicated app from the Byju and Disney to make the early learning fun. If you want an app that helps in your child’s overall growth then you must give Byju’s Kids a try.

Byju’s Kids is a nicely designed app with simple and easy to use interface that will keep your kids entertained for long hours. This app features 1000s of amazing educational videos, quizzes, stories, and learning games for kids. These videos, games will allow your child to learn faster.

The game’s at Byju’s kids are designed in such a way that will make your kid curious. Curiosity is the best thing that parents would want to see in their children.

7. PreSchool Learning Games

PreSchool Learning Games is a dedicated app for preschoolers and young kids that allow them to learn new things through different games.

As we all know that a child learns the most when he enjoys the lesson and the PreSchool Learning Games app has all the interesting games that your child will love for sure. You will definitely witness the difference in your child’s learning ability within a few days.

8. Colors & Shapes( By RV AppStudios)

If you want your kid to learn about colors and shapes then Colors & Shapes app from RV AppStudios is going to help you a lot. Colors & Shapes app comes equipped with several mini-games like Painting, Collecting, Look-alikes, matching, Tracing, and Building.

In painting mini-game, you can fill your favorite colors in different objects. This game will help your kid to learn about different colors and shapes.

The matching game allows your kid to match different shapes. This mini-game will make recognizing shapes easier for your kid.

In building game, the kid will have to drag and drop different pieces to create a building (shape).

9. Kindergarten Kids Learning

Kindergarten Kids Learning features several educational learning fun games and activities for toddlers and young kids. With this app, you can teach your kids alphabets, numbers, shapes, rhymes, counting, tracing, coloring, and body part’s information. If you are looking for a perfect app that will in your kid’s overall growth then you need to try Kindergarten Kids Learning.

Kindergarten Kids Learning is best suited for kids aged 2 to 6 years. This learning app comes in a unique design that you and your kid will love for sure.

These apps are very crucial to keep the kids learning outside the classroom since they make them participate actively. Parents should monitor when the kids are using these apps and help them understand concepts. For children aged 2-5, the use of screen should be limited to 1 hour per day.

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