The Best Call Recorder Apps For Your Android & iOS Device

Here we have presented the best apps of call recording both for Android and iPhone users along with the basic details. Dig in and find out.
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We often deal with our customers, clients, staff over the phone. Our office and work often demand online interactions. Sometimes the profession we are in makes us do very important informational phone calls that we need to record for future clarifications.

Are you in the same position dealing with the same requirement? Then this article is worthy of your attention.

Here we have presented the best apps of call recording both for Android and iPhone users along with the basic details. Dig in and find out.

Best call recorder apps are as follows:-


Cube ACR Call Recording App for Android one of the most technologically advanced call recording applications. It not only records the incoming calls and outgoing calls but also the VoIP call recordings. The implication is that you can also record all the conversations of Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat, and other similar applications.

The app doesn’t compromise with the sound quality. A whole package of advanced features will be offered after buying the total application. But the cost is very minimal. The call recording facility is free. The call recordings can be saved on Google Drive. Also, you can avoid pressing the call recording button repeatedly by selecting specific contacts.


This app is very helpful and appropriate for iPhone users. The controls are pretty simple and manageable. Start the call recording by pressing the call recording button. It can record both incoming and outgoing and store them in the cloud storage.  The information is secured with this app. The recordings are sharable.  The cost of the whole app is really low. It offers a free trial for 7 days so that you can get experience before confirming.


For Android users, the Automatic Call Recorder app is very convenient. Here you can make a list of which call to record and which to ignore. For example, if you want to record every incoming or outgoing call of the existing contact list numbers or to ignore some of them, both are possible. Even calls from unknown numbers can be recorded.

The recordings are saved in Google Drive or DropBox and later you can play, replay, rewind the recordings, and can take notes too. The app provides a free trial for you to survey every feature. After the subscription, the Pro version lets you set a contact list that will be recorded directly and saved in the cloud.


The iCall Call Recorder app for iPhone is an incredible app for iPhone users. It starts both the incoming and outgoing call recording with just one tap. The recordings are then saved and you can play and listen to them any time.

You can also share them with different apps. It gives you unlimited time to talk on the phone and record accordingly. There is more than one type of subscriptions available. The 7 days’ subscription comes with a 3 days long free trial.


ACR is one of the best Android applications for recording phone calls. Unlike the other apps, this one is free of cost. Besides the usual features like call recording, saving, replaying, and sharing, it also provides the facility of transcription. If you want to get access to the manual call recording, only then you have to buy the pro version.

A bunch of recording formats is available. Delay recording and part sharing are possible. To find any specific call recording you just have to type the particular contact name or the number. It is very easy to handle all the functions and that is why this app is exceptionally purposeful.

6. Call Recorder from Smart Mobile Tools

Call Recorder is another call recording app that has been created and distributed by Smart Mobile Tools. You get to record any incoming or outgoing phone call on your mobile devices with the help of this app. Call Recorder offers all the basic features that you will need in a recording app. If we talk about the interface then it is surprisingly pretty good when compared to other similar apps.

You get multiple language support with Call Recorder app. You also get the dark mode in this app that will give your app an interesting look. You can record calls either automatically or you can do that manually with the lightweight Call Recorder app. If you want a simple app that does not come with many unnecessary features then you can try this.

7. Call Recorder (CallsBox)

CallsBox (Call Recorder) is a popular call recording app on an android platform that offers a lot of awesome and unique features but users love CallsBox for its simplicity. In the CallsBox app, You can choose the quality of the call recordings between Wav and MP3 format.

You can permit recordings only for contact or you can also exclude the contacts that you do not want to record. With CallsBox, you get the power to record calls automatically without worrying about the quality or other things.

You can also play your recordings from the CallsBox app itself. If you are a private person and do not want others to listen to your recordings then you can protect the app from the password.

CallsBox is a very interesting app that you must try if you like to record your calls.

8. Call Recorder (No Ads)

Call Recorder (No ads) is a beautifully designed call recorder app from BoldBeast Software Inc that claims to provide high-quality call recordings without displaying any annoying ads.

No matter what app we use but ads always ruin our entire experience. These days, it is just impossible to find an app that does not serve ads. If you are looking for a free call recording app that does not serve annoying ads then you can give Call Recorder from BoldBeast a try. It has all the features that you will need in a call recorder app with a unique design and simple interface.

So, That was our list of the best call recorder apps that can help you in a lot of things. If you face issues while using any app then try another app from the mentioned because all apps are awesome.

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