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A lot of our users have inquired whether we accept guest posts or not, and to answer your queries, YES! we do.

However the people looking to submit guest post on our website will have to follow certain guidelines.

Things to Contemplate Before Starting- 

  • Your content should be original and fresh. Spinned off and plagiarised content will not be accepted. 
  • Make the content unique and appealing to our readers. It should not be a popular topic available on a number of other sites.
  •  It should not be already published on another website. And you shall agree to not publish it anywhere else.
  • The article/post shall be submitted to’s official email. If accepted, you will get notified by our team within 48 hours.
  • Be punctual and stick to the deadline. In case of a late submission, the content will be rejected – right away.
  • The content should be based on technology, business or finance related topics. We do not entertain content from other general topics.

Why write for Eyeprime ? 

We are small business blog with an expanding fan base. We encourage writers to create unique and helpful content for our readers. Appealing and crisp content is appreciated by We provide our writers a platform to improve and promote their work in various ways. 

How to submit guest post? 

You can contact us through our official email – 

Ensure that you comply with our guidelines before submitting your content. It must meet our requirements and standards. 

If your article is accepted, you will be contacted by our team. Necessary changes will be conveyed to you through email. The content you write for us must be informative and so its purpose. If you wish to collaborate with us, you can attach your proposal with your article and we will write back to you. 

Who can write for 

We accept content that’s relevant to our website and its readers. The content written by you should be pertinent to our audience from a technological, financial or business perspective.

The writing you submit must be exceptional in terms of grammar, engagement and narration. It should be completely error free and plagiarism free. The writer must be aware of SEO optimisation and know the use of required keywords to attract quality traffic. 

What kind of content are we looking for? 

We write articles on various topics that serves the interest of our audience. The content published on our website mainly focuses on technology, businesses and finance. There is no specified restriction on the word count, but the articles must between the 1000-2000 words range. 

The writers have required space to expand articles, but the content they write should be interesting. It can be extensive or descriptive but shall not become boring towards the end. The article should stick to it’s core purpose and convey the objective. 

The main components of the guest post:- 

  • Topic – The topic of your article should be germane to our readers and the content you write. It should be captivating. The topic should not be a popular topic with a number of articles. 
  • Research – The article should be well researched, must have facts and proof backing it’s authenticity. Do in depth research on the required topic before submitting it for guest post. 
  • SEO and Use of keywords – It is necessary for our writers to be aware of the use of specific and important keywords. They must be equipped with SEO to ensure that their content gets maximum traffic and reads. 
  • Extensive content – While we encourage our writers to write extensive and descriptive content, it should be written within the word count. The content should speak in depth about the topic in order to convey it’s true meaning and purpose to our reader’s. However, the writers shall not fill the article with unnecessary information to increase word count. The article should be up to the mark and of high quality. 
  • Originality of the content – Writers who expect to get away with plagiarised, copied or spinned off content will be rejected without any notice or warning. The article shall have authentic content and cover a different perspective. 

Our site will keep your content online for 1-2 years depending on its helpfulness and demand by our audience. After that it might get deleted by our team if we detect any issues in it.

Topics you can submit a guest post on

  • Business and marketing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Block chain
  • Crypto currency
  • Product design and manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Edge computing
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Cyber security
  • Stock market 
  • Investments and returns
  • Budgeting
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Small businesses
  • Business planning
  • Small business blog
  • Advertising
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer service

And other topics related to business, technology and finance. 

Content we will not accept:-

  • Topics unrelated to our website’s theme  – provides quality content to its readers on various topics under the technology, finance and business niches. Our content is centred around these topics only and articles on other topics will not be accepted by us. 
  • Promotional posts and Click baits – Our website has no room for those whose sole purpose is promotional activities for a certain interest. The content can have 1-2 links to the writers website or blog but anything more than that will be considered spamming and won’t be accepted by us. Also, those articles and topics whose only motive is to get views will not be entertained. The content you submit should be valuable and at par with our audience’s needs and interests. 
  • Affiliate links – The articles which have affiliate links will not be accepted by our team. 
  • Exclusive content – The content you write shall only be published on and nowhere else. 

Writing strategy

Your content shall be exclusive, authentic and captivating. The content shall be appealing to the readers and be of use to them. Don’t make the content dull and repulsive. Add diagrams, pictures, graphs and structures in the required places to make it more interesting. 

Don’t write long sentences and paragraphs. Break it down into small phrases, sentences, and passages. Add media and figures. The content should be divided into various paragraphs with headings and sub headings. 

How to submit the content? 

For more information, please contact us here at