How to Start Blogging for Business and Drive Sales

Write a blog that is informative and useful for the customer, show your expertise of the industry, promote on the right channels, build an image and a community, have clear goals, and be extremely SEO-friendly.
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Any business’s ultimate goal is to drive a lot of sales. They surround all their strategies and methods around this goal. There are a lot of things a business can do to get in more traffic on their website, and increase sales. Blogging is also once such a strategy to drive in more sales for a business.

A blog is basically a place where a business writes. It could be a part of their own website or could be found elsewhere on different third party websites like Medium, WordPress, etc. A company’s blog speaks for it. It is just another place where the company is present, but it is not something to ignore or discard.

Blogging helps a company in loads of things, from generating leads to increasing website traffic. Blogging also helps with the SEO of the website and helps it rank higher. Blogging is one of the many ways a company can target new customers and increases its sale, so it should be something worked upon thoroughly and efficiently.

It is important to know the right steps to take while starting up a blog or to blog for business because if not done in the right way it is a waste of time and effort.

So here are some tips on how to start Blogging for Business and Drive Sales.

Write for the Customer

Though the blog is for the company and should be a selling point for the business it does no good in just bragging about your company, or products on the blog. You need to write for your customers. They won’t be willing to waste their time reading an essay that only talks about how good a company is, but if you write about something that gives some knowledge to the reader and some key-takeaways, they’d be more than willing to come back to your blog again.

Write for the benefit of your customer and not your business. Have your customer in mind while writing, and think as to what you would find interesting as a reader, and write on those lines.

If you have interesting blogs, your readers will turn into your website traffic, and some might turn into leads, and then into customers and that is extremely beneficial for your business. Increasing conversion rates through blogs is a proven marketing strategy.

Write About Your Industry 

Your reader base needs to know your credibility and one way to get that is by showing them you know about your business thoroughly. Write about topics that are more than just your product. Expand outside of your circle, and write about your industry.

Show your audience/readers that you’re up to date with the latest happenings of your industry. Write about new trends, updates, or changes in your industry. This way your blog will appear when someone explores the industry and this will also increase your credibility.

Gaining credibility will help in having more trust attached to your brand, and can also lead to a high number of word-of-mouth marketing results.

Give Away Information

People would be interested in you if you have something to give them, so write about information or may be secrets that are rarely available. Grab the attention of your reader, give them happiness when they read your blog. This will help in increasing website traffic.

Write on Social Media

Just writing on the company blog isn’t enough, you need to post content on different platforms in order to gain more readers or rather potential customers. Blog on social media as well, and gain a larger customer base. Writing on social media also helps in attracting the target audience, and entertaining them in order to gain their attention.

Build a Brand

Blogging should help you build a brand. Your blog is your image, so use blogging efficiently and talk about your business in a way that you would want your customers to look at it. Tell your story with a beneficial perspective, and let your customer know who exactly they’re looking at.

A brand is a great way of gaining the credibility of a business, so use a blog to build a brand.

Publish Quality Content Constantly

There is a huge difference between quality and quantity, and what your blog should focus on is quality. It is definitely attractive to have a huge number of blogs on your website, but if they are not fulfilling the purpose of having a good quality by being informative and useful, you might as well discard those blogs. Quality content is very important in terms of SEO and website reach of the brand.

Good quality content focuses on being informative, useful, and beneficial for the reader otherwise they would be ignored in the long list of the search result.

Promote on Relevant Platforms

As much as writing a good quality blog is important, it is equally important that relevant audience see it. Promoting on platforms where your audience resides is a great way of gaining more traffic on your blog and hence, your website.

It is very important to find out where the target audience mostly spends their time, is it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. Finding out this, and then target your audience with the right blog content, is a marketing strategy that leads to higher results.

Brand Connection

Your blog should make people feel connected to the brand. They should feel that there’s a way this brand can make a difference in their lives or add value to their lives. Through blogs, you can develop this connection with your customers, and have them feel like they’re home.

The brand connection is very important in the long-term as it leaves a mark on the customers, and they will maintain that relationship with your business for long.

Build a Community

Blogs provide an opportunity to build a community. Blog communities are a number of people having similar interests, interacting on a platform. If your business blog creates a community of people, these people would have a long-term interest in your business product.

The benefit of having the opportunity to connect with a large number of audiences with similar interests can really drive people to your blog.


Having an attractive blog is great, but if you don’t provide instruction on what should the customer do after reading the blog then the whole effort is pointless. Have a clear call-to-action on your company blog, make sure you know what you want your reader to do. Is it to subscribe to your e-mails or newsletters or fill a form or anything else. Have clear goals before hitting on that publish button.

Automated Publication

Have a schedule. You need to be consistent with your blog posting because your reader has an eye on you, so have an automated publication working and hence your blog will be posted at the right time every week.

SEO Worthy

Blogs can really help to up your SEO game. Make a list of important keywords for your brand, and write content focused on those. This will help in increasing your rank in the organic search result, and therefore your website traffics can be increased and you can also gain more leads.

Do Share

Having a social share button integrated with your blog can help you reach a larger audience. People who liked what they read will want to tell others, so that’s the opportunity you need to grab and help them help you, by promoting your content.

Do the Needful

Writing a blog doesn’t just end with writing it and publishing. It involves you doing some required work like citing your sources, giving credit to websites you referred, and clearly mentioning your resources. This helps in avoiding any claims on plagiarism later, that could really damage your brand image.

It is also important to reply to comments on your blog. You need to show a friendly and interactive behavior to your reader to build their trust in you. This is one way of driving sales for any business.

Blogs establish the authority of your business when you write the right kind of quality content. It helps show your expertise in that matter and makes you better than your competitor. So, writing a clear and accurate blog for business is very important as it has an effect on the sale.

Blogs also have long-term results when it comes to the credibility and image of the brand. Good blogs attract trust and dependency that stay with the brand for long and work out beneficially as well.

 So, to drive sales for your business write a blog that is informative and useful for the customer, show your expertise of the industry, promote on the right channels, build an image and a community, have clear goals, and be extremely SEO-friendly. These actions will increase your website traffic and give you access to a large number of audiences you can target. These targets convert to customers, and hence your goals are reached.

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