Facebook Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Facebook marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that helps with brand awareness and growth. It is a great medium to reach the target audience, and also get them to pay attention to you.
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Digital marketing is now the most used way by any business to increase their brand awareness, website traffic, and drive sales. Digital marketing is a vast field and there are so many aspects of it that a business can use to increase their brand’s value and go towards a successful business model.

From social media marketing, Influencer Marketing, E-mail marketing, blogs, content marketing to much more, digital marketing has opened so many doors for businesses to gain more customers and grow. It could be very overwhelming when you explore the field as there’s just so much do, that it becomes rather confusing. No worries, we are here to help.

When it comes to social media marketing, there are many platforms a business can dive into for their marketing efforts, but research shows Facebook has higher and better results than other platforms.

Facebook marketing has proved to be successful for many businesses and still continues to work wonders for most.

Facebook marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that helps with brand awareness and growth. It is a great medium to reach the target audience, and also get them to pay attention to you. But, it is not just about posting a picture or product and expecting to have a huge sales result. There are a lot of things one has to do right in order to have an efficient Facebook marketing campaign.

So, here are Facebook marketing tips that will skyrocket your business:

First Things First

The first thing to do is to create a Facebook business page. If your business is not even present on Facebook, it is not possible to reach the target audience. So, it is very important to create a business page for your brand on Facebook.

After creating a page, which is a very simple process, add a relevant profile picture. If you’re a brand, add your logo that you use on your website and everywhere else. Consistency is a very important factor when it comes to digital marketing.

So, use your logo as your profile picture on your Facebook business page. Make sure the quality of the picture is high and good, that even when minimized the quality remains intact. Your logo is usually what your brand is recognized with, so use it wherever it should be.

The next step is to add a cover picture. Your Facebook cover picture should be attractive, relevant, and simple. Make sure it is not any random picture and it has relevance with your brand. If yours is a fitness company, your cover picture could be a photo of someone exercising, or some gym equipment, etc.

Your cover photo and profile picture should be attractive, and relevant.


Just having a good looking page isn’t enough, because you need to gain something out it. Hence, Facebook provides an option called “Add a Button” below the cover photo. This option can help you add a call to action button in order to get something out of the whole effort.

You could add an option like – Book an appointment, Contact us, Subscribe to us, E-mail us, sign up, etc.

These call-to-action buttons help in gaining a list of target audiences and also giving your audience a way to get in touch with you. The call-to-action button is the best way to get customer details that could be used for your business sales.

Add a Bio

The next thing to do is add a relevant bio to your page. Add details about your brand with a brief explanation about your products on the Bio. Bio is important as it helps the viewer know what you do in a better way.

Your bio is where you can explain yourself to the target directly, so choose the right words and don’t make it a boring read.


After creating a good looking Facebook page, it is time to do some research. The best way to know what’s happening in your business and being aware is by following your competitors. Like pages of people who are of your industry, and keep a close eye on them and know when there are updates and changes in your industry.


Posts are the ways in which you can interact with your audience. Your posts need to be attractive and informative, as in the customer should feel like they gained something by seeing your post, this will make them interested in your brand. You could put a variety of things in the form of texts, photos, or videos, as long as it can get the attention of your audience. Post regularly and make sure you post your best content on Facebook.

These posts help in spreading brand awareness and reaching your target audience. It is also important to sometimes link your website to your posts as that would drive the audience to your page. Also, remember to make your video thumbnail attractive to keep the attention of your viewer until it loads.

You could post a lot of things like your products, new ranges, Your business story, new updates, and the list goes on and on.


You can’t just post anytime on Facebook as per your mood or feasibility. It is important to know what is the best time for your business to be present on Facebook. Your content needs to post in the time your audience interaction is high, so analyzing and scheduling accordingly is very important.

When you post at a constant and high engagement time, your posts will reach the right audience.


Another important thing to do is pin the best posts at the top of the page, this attracts the audience and makes them be interested in your posts. But update these pins as well regularly. Keep pinning those posts that are relevant and entertaining.

Facebook Advertisement

You must have heard a lot of people talk about how their Facebook advertisements helped their business. This is very true. Facebook advertisements if done the right way can help your business reach the goals.

The right ways are optimizing your ads to be shown to a particular age group from a particular location with a particular interest as it is relevant to your business. Also, Make sure your headlines are short and have numbers in them. Try A/b testing with your Advertising campaign to know what works along with different call-to-action buttons.

Advertisement management is very crucial when it comes to Facebook marketing. They need to be analyzed and the results are to be used as the point of reference next time. Focus on sales through the post than likes on the post.

More Options

Other useful options on Facebook are Facebook polls that help you make your audience decide what works better than others. It is helpful to get feedback from users. Facebook Poll is widely used by many companies.

Facebook Groups and communities are also the best way to have your audience on your radar. Create public and private groups according to the audience you have, and make them interact with those groups.

Also conduct Facebook contests like, #clickwithme or any other challenges that would make the users really enthusiastic to do, and also increase your brand’s popularity.  Make sure these contests have incentive attached to them like coupons or discounts, this will encourage more people to participate. You could also give coupons, etc for a review or anything from your audience, this works as a two-way benefit.


Making your page and posts mobile friendly is very important for your brand as most people are usually on their smartphones and that is where they will come across your content.

Conduct Live sessions and webinars from your page for higher reach and popularity among your targets.

Social Media Calendar

Having a social media calendar helps in having a clear idea about when and what to post. This also keeps the marketing team on track with the upcoming tasks. Social media calendar helps in having a plan and executing it efficiently.


All the activities are good but the main thing to do is analyze your efforts. Use Facebook insights and see what goes where and when and what is working the best for you. This helps in getting an insight on your audiences behaviour and interests, and hence you can plan your future posts accordingly.

Also, add your Facebook page link to different places your brand is present on the internet like your blogs, website, other social platforms, emails, etc.


Facebook marketing can take your business on the road to success when done in a well strategic manner. Using attractive and relevant pictures for cover and on posts, and also having an interactive posts thread helps in gaining more attention from the audience. Always remember to add a call-to-action on the page and on Ad campaigns in order to gain a list of target customers, and also get more sign-ups or whatever is relevant for your business.

Post, Analyze, Plan, Win!

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