Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have heavy followers on social media based on their expertise and authority. Many people confuse influencer marketing to celebrity endorsements, but they’re not the same.
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The power of reference is high, we all take the advice of people we know and trust before making some purchases. Can you remember a time when you wanted to buy something new, maybe a TV, Smartphone, or even a body lotion or soap and you didn’t ask someone to vouch for a particular brand?

We all depend on the opinions of others before loosening our wallets. This is where Influencer marketing comes in. Influencer marketing is a strategy of a brand that makes influencers market their products.

Influencers are people who have heavy followers on social media based on their expertise and authority. Many people confuse influencer marketing to celebrity endorsements, but they’re not the same.

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Celebrity endorsements work because of the fame of the celebrity, whereas influencer marketing is done by people who influence people. These are people that have followers based on their actions and behaviors. Influencers are followed for their content, and their creativity and credibility.

Gone are the days of TV commercials and Radio Ads, now people are won over by a brand with reviews, testimonials, and recommendations, and this is exactly what influencers help with. Their credibility and trust are what makes them a big category in marketing today.

There’s a lot of questions and confusion around influencer marketing, so here’s everything you need to know about this new idea.

Why is influencer marketing so important?

Influencers in themselves are a brand. People trust them and follow them with their own choice. This shows that these influencers actually have an impact on the people, they have credibility. Their followers relate with them or agree with them, and that’s what makes them so influential.

Influencers are important for a brand, and marketing through them is vital because them vouching for your brand will have an impact on their set of followers, and that will help your brand in gaining website visits, increasing website traffic, and driving sales.

When people hear someone they agree with say that your product is good and useful, they’re most definitely going to check out your brand. These influencers have a good set of following online, hence the reach is high. So to gain more viewers, and increase brand awareness, influencer marketing is important.

How can influencers help in marketing your brand?

Influencers have an impact on their followers, hence to market your brand you need to make influencers talk about your to their followers. This can be done in many ways.

The influencers can write a blog for you, they can write about how they had a good experience with your product. They can also dedicate a social media post to you, or maybe a story post. Videos on youtube are also a great way of influencing people. Another proven way is, having a link of your brand on their website.

This gets so much attention as having a third party talk about you makes the viewer think that your brand has genuine goodness.

You need to give influencers a set of goals to reach for your brand when they are marketing a product. It could be the hashtag or any taglines that is related to your brand. This way your brand value is added and awareness are created.

How to find the right influencer?

This is an important thing your brand should concentrate on while diving into influencer marketing. There are so many influencers out there so how to choose one that’s worth the influencer marketing campaign. There are three things a brand should remember before choosing an Influencer for marketing:

  • Make sure the influencer is actually in some way related to your industry, otherwise their followers wouldn’t even be interested in your product. 
  • If yours is a makeup brand, you can’t ask an influencer who mostly talks about cars on their social media, to market your product because their followers would be people interested in cars and not makeup.
  • Make sure your influencer actually has a good amount of reach to have an impact on a large number of people.
  • You need to know that their followers are genuine, and they’re actually very influential.
  • Make sure people actually take the advice of the influencer in making some decisions.

How to approach an influencer?

You can’t just find an influencer and tell them to market your product. You need to follow the influencer, engage with their content, have a close eye on them, and connect on E-mail as well. Once you’re in their circle, you can approach them and talk about your requirements.

It is important to know who is it you’re actually looking for to be a part of your marketing strategy, how do they interact with their audience, what is their expertise, and then make a decision.

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How much do influencers charge?

The charges vary with the number of followers the influencer has and also the amount of requirement you have. Someone with about 500K followers may charge more than someone with 200K followers. It depends on you as to who has the relevant followers that would be useful for your brand and the amount of reach they can actually get for your brand.

Some businesses that are small don’t have so much budget, hence they can contact Micro-influencers for their marketing needs. Micro-influencers are influencers with relatively fewer followers but still have an impact on a good number of people. These influencers have less charge but good results.

How to measure the results?

This is a very commonly asked question when it comes to influencer marketing. It is true that measuring results is very difficult when influencers market your product, but some ways to do it is by seeing their story views. Also, by checking your website traffic when they put up a story or post for your brand would show if their post has actually made any difference.

Other ways are by analyzing sales, views, and interactions on your website or the link that influencer shares.

Advantages of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is widely used now and has proven results. Statistics also prove that influencer marketing is beating most other marketing strategies in showing results. It is the latest trend in fact and ignoring it does no good.

It is like word-of-mouth marketing, wherein the influencers are the mouth that gets the word out about the brand to their followers. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way of marketing as it has trust attached to it, and usually, word-of-mouth ends up in better results than other marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing is especially effective because of the credibility of the influencers. Their followers voluntarily choose to follow them because they believe in what the influencer says and also are inspired by them. While marketing, this credibility factor plays a big role in driving more sales.

Also, customers now don’t like being told something is good by the brand itself, but they like to get their buying choices reviewed by people they actually trust. They want information, usage reviews, and five-star ratings to actually show some interest in a brand. That’s the reason influencers are able to impact their decisions and helping your brand with sales.

Influencer marketing helps in increasing brand awareness, as thousands of followers watch the influencer’s posts, blogs, or stories and get to know about your brand. This plays to the advantage of new startups or small businesses as they really want to push their brand visibility and awareness ahead.

The work influencers do for your brand has the ability to go viral and in terms of numbers, these posts are sure to drive your website traffic ahead. Also increasing views and awareness of the brand. But, the most important thing for which the whole marketing effort is done, which is the sale, is also highly driven by influencer marketing.

A genuine set of followers for your brand is gained and also a list of the target audience, that can be focused upon in future marketing campaigns as well. Target audiences are the main source of sales, so retargeting them, persuading them, and pitching to them can really work advantageously in your sales numbers.

To conclude,

The world has moved towards digital marketing and the traditional styles of marketing are no more sought after. There are so many innovative doors open in the digital world, and there are hundreds of new ways of reaching to customers. So, it does no good in ignoring these trends in digital world and sticking to the old ways.

Influencer marketing is just one of the many digital marketing strategies in today’s world that are doing wonders for a brand. Their followers are genuine and their words are influential, hence they are the best marketing source currently.

So, find the right fit influencer for your brand, set reachable goals, and make sure you have clear call-to-action once the influencer does their work. After all awareness and traffic are good, but sales are what we’re all burning our night oils for!

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