7 Apps You Should Have For Your Clinics

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In order to stay competitively viable clinics need healthcare solutions. The expanding demand for healthcare providers has driven medical clinics to leverage technology to their benefit. Currently, the healthcare management tools have boomed to aid clinics and support them to remain viable.

The clinic management applications are suited to help clinics and smaller healthcare institutions in automating their different operations.

From patient appointments to management and pharmacy management, there are plenty of operations that clinic management applications can help in getting accomplished.

Top Apps for Clinics

Here is the list of best clinic management applications that will make your clinic operations a lot easier – 


This app helps physicians, clinic administrations, and doctors in better management of their clinics and their verticals. It is built with the features like patient appointments and scheduling, Prescription management, specialization-based EMR, inventory management, case tracking, billing, and many more other things. 

You can simply view appointments, and update those appointments, medical history, and medical reports. It facilitates the administration approach and brings forth a robust ticketing system for the patients and staff.


This application supports clinics with patient record management. With this app, you can manage thousands of your patient records efficiently and with extreme ease. It can flawlessly integrate with other software as well, for utmost efficiency. 

It comes with the EMR-based communication with patients and monitors health improvement based on treatments and medicines. You can easily and conveniently access it anywhere at any time iPhone, android, mac, laptops, and desktops.


Lio app is the solution for all clinic essentials: front office, accounts, auditing, clinical, inventory, administration, sales, marketing, etc. It offers medical and administrative data management capabilities and lets you record your patient’s data in one place. 

It is a free mobile application that can be used for tracking and recording your daily clinical activities. It comes with 60+ templates including medical clinic templates. It gives you the facility of sharing your files with your employees and patients. You can easily add the images of your bills and receipts within the table so that you can refer to any information later also.


CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) delivers a total clinic management solution. It provides integrated lab and medical workflows, account management, instrument interfacing, and more. It comes in different modules like front desk management, inventory management, operations, billing, accounting, and many more. 

This app provides doctors, laboratory technicians, and referrals to have role-based access authority to easily manage clinical operations from registration to medical report approval without any botheration. 

hCue Plus

This app benefits the doctors and clinic administration to operate their clinics and maintain the patient’s track records up-to-date. It provides the facility to upload all information. With the EHR/EMR software app, you can see the list of patients to attend for a specific day prior. 

You will get the entire patient’s information like previous appointments, medical history, and future appointments in advance. Using this mobile application, clinics can enhance the rate of their healthcare services and lower operating costs.


Clinic administration can virtually check through Xcare mobile application that the patient has arrived for the appointments. The clinic will get a notification and will communicate with the patient to inform them when it is best for them to come to the clinic. 

It is creating a contactless experience for patients to make health facilities more efficient, safe, and accessible for patients and their staff members as well. Patients’ data can be easily managed in these apps, their medical history will remain saved so that there is no hassle to remember all the medical information.

HealthPlix SPOT

This customizable clinic management app comes with an EMR platform and is trusted by 10,000+ doctors. You can easily connect and consult your patients, manage their records, appoint schedules, create digital prescriptions, and share all this with your patients in a few seconds. 

It launches a virtual clinic within just 30 seconds with a single click. There is the facility to create digital visiting and you can share it with the people as well with an appointment booking link. Clinical administration can conveniently manage a track of the daily schedules and upcoming appointments.


A clinic has plenty to achieve by utilizing any of these above-mentioned clinic management mobile applications in India. These applications can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore within a few seconds. 

You need to simply sign up with your credentials and simply continue your practice of tracking and recording the data of patients in your mobile or desktop itself. These apps will surely bring you a fortune by decreasing your workload.

These clinic management applications will not only assist in automating much of clinic functions but accordingly help you to focus on your primary objective, which is, serving and helping patients better.

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