11 B2B Marketing Strategies for Global Markets in 2022

Content marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience, even in global markets. This marketing strategy is very effective, and efficient in increasing brand awareness and visibility.
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For about ten to twelve years now, there’s been a growth in global market expansion in India, the US, etc. Many companies have opted to expand by going global as it would bring in more profit and recognition for them.

Business to business marketing strategies are many, one needs to carefully evaluate what works for them and their business and opt for strategies accordingly. With the emergence of digital marketing, things have seen a turn.

Going global is comparatively easier than it was in the past, as there are more platforms and ways to connect with others. A google search for five minutes can give a bundle of details about a company.

With more platforms, comes a larger confusion. There are enormous options and strategies, therefore it becomes crucial for any business to design their marketing strategies in a way that it resonates with their goals, and is realistic and reachable.

Investing in marketing is considered to be advisable as it acts as the catalyst that helps in the growth and in most cases, the success of the business. Globalising has been an effective decision most businesses took, and it has somewhat become a necessity now. Hence, to know the right way to approach another business is very crucial.

Have a Website

The most basic thing to do for any business before going global is to have a website. Having a website not only helps in reaching a larger audience but also acts as a platform that represents the business itself.

While approaching any business, one needs to have a place where they can be searched for, researched about with the right kind of information, and hence a website is a go-to place.

A business’s website should speak for it, it should be the brand’s voice. The design and layout should resonate with what the business actually stands for. The website should also include a blog that talks about the brand clearly, and spreads awareness.

Have Social Media Pages

The second most important thing for any business is being present on digital channels. As everything now is digital, having a presence on these platforms is vital. When someone looks for your brand, they also look for your social presence and create an image of your business.

Being present on platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is important for the brand image and also helps in reaching a larger audience and spreading brand awareness.

Though just merely being present on these platforms is not enough, it is also important to constantly update the page with news about your business, or the latest development in your industry or anything to do with your business. Although sometimes things not related to your business can be talked about just to show that the business is run by well-aware individuals.

Your business’s social image matters as with first glance on these platforms people create an image of your brand.

After doing the basics for a business image, the next steps to follow in terms of marketing, to go into the global markets are –

Translate and Localize

Translating your website to the local language or whatever language is used in your target global market. By translating your website, you have a higher chance of seeing success in a different market. It does no good to approach business in a global market where they can’t even understand what’s on your website. The translation is the most basic thing to do as a part of marketing in global markets.

But, translation doesn’t just mean changing your words to the language of the target global market. You need to localize your business website. It should concentrate on the needs of the audience, and it should be localized enough to look like one of their own.

This way a lot of attention can be brought on your website, and it would also increase your credibility. The keywords, SEO, and basically anything related to the website should be localized.

Apart from this, having a local presence can boost your credibility. Anything like investing in a local business, or having business relations in the local market would give your business the browny points when you try to expand in that country.

These are some marketing steps that a business should take while planning to expand globally as these strategies have a better effect and also increases the value of the brand in the global market.

Some other B2B marketing strategies that actually have proven to work in global markets are –

Linkedin Approach

Linkedin is an amazing platform to network, connect, and expand with the potential customers or buyers. To approach any business in the global market, LinkedIn would be a great place to start.

Marketing advertisements on Linkedin are a thoughtful investment a business can make. These paid advertisements show your business goals to the audience you want to target. Linkedin is a business platform where most businesses are present, so a B2B marketing strategy concentrated on approaching through Linkedin would in no way go wrong.

Content Marketing

It goes without saying that content is the king. There’s nothing that can beat the power of content. Any business that goes right in their content, have already reached halfway through success.

Content marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience, even in global markets. This marketing strategy is very effective, and efficient in increasing brand awareness and visibility.

B2B content marketing is a good approach to reach more potential business opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is also another great place for marketing. Social media and content work closely together. Reaching audiences through social media is an effective B2B marketing strategy for the global market as there’s a lot of option to be innovative, and reach the right kind of people. Though, when entering a global market it is important to be present on multiple channels, as what works in one place might not work in another.

So, research of your target market will help you understand the platforms you should be investing more time and effort on while marketing in global markets. A combination of multi-channels is a good way to approach new markets.

SEO and Adwords

Search engine optimization is a vital element for any business looking to enter global markets. The SEO needs to be localized with relevant keywords that are targeted to your audience in the global market. SEO plays an important role in any business’s growth. Especially to be shown in search results when someone looks for the services you provide, it is important to have your SEO game strong.

Similarly, Adwords also play a vital role wherein the right keywords need to be used keeping in mind the target audience, who in this case is from a different country, and localize it accordingly.

SEO and Adwords help in B2B marketing for global markets as they appear in the right place if optimized correctly, and this way the business is able to reach a larger relevant audience.

E-mail Marketing

Nothing like the good old e-mail marketing. E-mail approached directly targeted to the global markets with relevant information and attention-grabbing content can have a great effect. E-mail is a great way to get a little closer to the target audience and keep them updated with your business changes and progresses.

Sending out E-mails to targeted B2B customers is an effective way of marketing, as your target audience is directly in contact with you. After inculcating the above-mentioned approaches, and receiving some leads, sending out e-mails is an efficient and smart way to reach out to your targets.

Industry Fairs

Attending trade shows in the global market in the industry that is relevant to your business helps in coming in contact with potential buyers and industry leaders. Trade shows or conferences are a great place to network with people from your industry, and it also increases the credibility of your business.

A/B Testing and Retargeting Advertisements

Everything isn’t very clear when a business enters a global market, hence a lot of experiments and A/B testings have to be done before understanding what actually works. Once you know what works for you as a B2B marketing strategy, then you can apply the same and reach the goals for your business.

Retargeting advertisements are also important to retain potential buyers or people who might have some interest in your business.

Media Presence

Media presence, especially in the global market has an enormous effect on brand awareness. This also leads to word-of-mouth marketing and also increases brand visibility in the market.


B2B marketing in global markets could seem very challenging but if you can understand your goals and customize them to the target market, it becomes a lot easier. From having your own presence to localizing, and targeting with different approaches and finally directly contacting the leads, a business is able to see success in global markets.

Expand your business globally with these B2B marketing strategies for global markets and see the results yourself.

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