10 Low Cost Manufacturing Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

starting a small manufacturing business is the best bet for ambitious people with capital constraints. If you too feel interested in this venture
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Being an entrepreneur is a dream a lot of people nurture. But making it big in the field of business is not easy. The hindrances that surface are different for different people. While some lack ideas having great potential, others fall short of capital.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to start their own business simply because hiring people to help develop, run, and grow a business is no joke.

There just might not be the availability of skilled people in and around the place where they intend to build their business. And outsourcing all work is neither feasible nor economical. 

So, what is the solution? The solution is to start small. There are amazing small manufacturing business ideas out there.


The best thing about a small-scale manufacturing business is that it doesn’t burn big holes in the pocket. Sometimes, people can set them off without borrowing any money from financial institutions like banks. 

These businesses are also great because they don’t require advanced infrastructural inputs. Yes, you won’t need a large plant sprawling over acres of land for a small manufacturing unit.

You can hire the required equipment pieces from the market or other business owners who are already in this trade and might like to offer their spare or old equipment on rent. Even if you fail to find stuff for hire, you can buy it- small business equipment is not exorbitantly priced.

So, starting a small manufacturing business is the best bet for ambitious people with capital constraints. If you too feel interested in this venture, then

here is a list of 10 small scale manufacturing business ideas that you can start right away. Check out-

1. Noodles

The growing popularity of noodles, even in some countries, people eat it as traditionally. Therefore, it is proof enough that you can earn significant revenues from this business. The best thing is that it doesn’t involve a complex manufacturing process.

Hence, you can start it even at home, without a lot of people around for aid. Also, the ingredients you need are essential and can be found anywhere with ease. What else? The packaging doesn’t have to be too fancy for this product. All that matters are the texture and the overall taste of the noodles.

2. Candle Making

Yes, that’s right! Candles are no more just an essential people need to tackle power failures; they are much more than that. They are now a common home decor item, and people have increasingly begun to use the scented variety as an air-freshening agent.

Other than that, candles form an integral part of many festivals and rituals. That is why you can never go wrong with the candle making business; its need is likely to be there forever.

The list of most basic ingredients you need for candle manufacturing includes wax, wicks, mounds, essential oils for fragrance, and packing supplies. If you have these at your disposal, you are all set to start manufacturing candles, that too, from home.

3. Paper Manufacturing

Paper is essential and finds use in almost all industries. So, whether it is the education sector, the retail sector, or the healthcare business, without paper, it might just come to a standstill. Right, day-to-day operations have mostly gone paperless in all industries, but the need for paper persists.

Thankfully, anyone can start this business solely. For that, you will have to choose to cater to a smaller market initially. As you grow, you can build a team of workers and expand your business.

Further, at the start, you can focus on making different sizes of paper like A4 and A5, as well as notebooks. And as your experience in this field grows, you can include other products like paper bags, paper plates, envelopes, folders, etc. It’s a low budget business, with impressive returns, and can be ideal for new entrepreneurs.

4. Coconut Oil

With people finding newer ways to use coconut oil in their day-to-day lives, it’s demand is growing unabated. People use it to provide nourishment to their hair. Owing to its numerous health benefits, some also use it for cooking.

Other than that, it acts as a lubricant and body oil too. But to help your coconut oil stand out in the market, it needs to be pure and organic.

Thankfully, ensuring that isn’t going to be a problem if you live in a coastal area, where coconuts are abundantly available at low prices.

5. Musical Instruments

If you want to play in a less competitive market, then you can manufacture local musical instruments. If, however, you intend to cater to a broader customer base, include universally known and popular options like a guitar.

Making musical instruments is an extremely profitable business. But for it to be fruitful, you will have to have a little musical know-how.

Alternatively, you can hire someone who understands music and can tell the difference between good and lousy tuning of an instrument. Remember, even a little flaw in a musical instrument can cause it to produce unpleasant music.

So, you will have to be extra careful while manufacturing such tools, and focus heavily on finesse and correctness of the process of manufacturing.

6. Jute Products

If there is abundant jute production in your area, then why not capitalize on it? Create jute products and sell them for impressive returns. With jute, we can create hundreds of different items. Jute bags, files and folders, shoes, water bottle and tiffin cases, purses, and floor mats are only a few of them.

If you want to keep things easy and straightforward for yourself, then you need not get into the process of jute processing. Instead, buy readymade jute fabric and create incredible products with it.

Yes, you will need machinery for this purpose. But don’t worry, they are not expensive to buy or hire.

7. Organic Soaps

With more and more people turning towards all things organic, making organic soap could be a profitable business option for you. You can quickly kick start this business if you have the required ingredients at hand, which are very few and are generally inexpensive.

You can first start selling your brand locally, and then as the popularity of your products grows, slowly work your way up.

8. Nail Making 

Starting by mounting a picture on the wall to clamping two pieces of wood together for carpentering, usually, people use nails for a lot of purposes. There are thick iron wires needed for the manufacturing of nails, which can be imported or locally purchased.

A single machine is sufficient for turning this wire into usable pins.

Hence, you won’t have to spend a lot on machinery. And since nails do not have much to do with aesthetics, you won’t have to bother hiring a designer for your business.

9. Baked Products for Foodies

If you are fond of baking and have an excellent baking hand, then you can surely turn this passion into a profitable business. The best thing about this business is that you can start it right from the confines of your home.

You just need to build a network of baked- food lovers. Once that’s done, you will witness a regular inflow of orders.

However, since baking is an art, your skill and finesse will set you apart from other independent bakers and high-end bakeries established in your area.

To reach out to a broader audience, you can have a website, where all your products remain listed along with necessary information linked to the dishes- such as ‘vegan,’ ‘eggless’ and ”gluten-free.’ You can also use your website for taking orders and helping customers mention their specific requirements for the orders they place.

10. Kids Toys Manufacturing

The demand for toys has never dipped. And looking at current trends, it can be said that their popularity will stay intact forever. Yes, virtual games have occupied a lot of children’s time these days, but physical toys will always continue to be relevant for smaller kids.

And that is why this is a great business to start if you want to capture the vast market dedicated to kids’ products. Although plastic toys are the easiest to make, you can experiment with wood and fabric for some variety.

But then no matter which material you choose, a lot of thought needs to go into the designing process. A well-designed product that is safe to play can earn your impressive revenues.

The Bottom Line

There is no shortage of opportunities for the strong-willed. No constraint is crippling if you have got the ideas and know-how to implement them right. Starting a business might seem complicated, but with views like the above-mentioned, things become incredibly straightforward and straightforward.

All you need is to review your talents and interests. Once you do that, zeroing in on any of these ideas will be a breeze for you.

And finally, no matter which small manufacturing business idea you choose, it is essential that you undertake it with a great deal of sincerity and diligence. That’s how aggressive business growth can be achieved!

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