10 Profitable Vending Machine Business Ideas That Will Stick

If you need to start a profitable vending business, it will be essential that you learn the ideal locations to set up the machine. You’ll also need to identify the type of machine that will work
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Vending machine business opportunities are attractive because they don’t require the time that other businesses lack. They are also popular as they are money businesses, and won’t need to deal with credit cards or checks.

Today, vending machines even let the customers pay with a debit card. Additionally, vending machine business opportunities don’t require your massive investment because you’re able to start with one machine and work your way up to a profitable business.

You don’t need to do sales pitching because the commodities will sell themselves to the hungry, thirsty, and sweets lovers. 


So, if you’re planning to start a vending machine business, the following are ten opportunities you can give a try.

1. Kids Toys Vending Machine Opportunity

Starting kids’ toys vending business is a great opportunity that you can do well in any country and at any time. A kid’s vending machine is a machine that will be dispensing different kids’ toys. Though this is generally a profitable business, and it is essential to set the vending machine in a strategic location such as schools, kid’s parks, playgrounds, etc.

2. Educational Materials for Children

You can also start a vending machine business that deals with educational materials for children. It is also another viable street vending machine business. Many people do this, and it’s easy to succeed and find your way to happy entrepreneurship by setting up a vending machine to dispense these materials.

There not any technical skills required to be able to run this business successfully. You can be selling materials like jigsaw puzzles, Lego, informational video games, storybooks, learning pads for kids, CDs, and DVDs, among other staff.

They are highly demanded materials that can generate high profits for you. 

You’ll need to identify a potentially useful spot so like in schools to meet your customers’ needs. The process for starting this business is simple, and mostly, you’ll not even need to go through a lot of legal issues. 

3. Vending Machine Manufacturing

Entrepreneurs will indeed be requiring customized vending machines that suit their particular types of vending businesses they may be planning to start. That means that the manufacturing of this vending machine is a business that can do very well. And since vending machine businesses can be started anywhere, you can also begin to manufacturing these machines from any corner of the world. 

However, unlike other vending machine business, here you may require a little bit higher capital to get your business started. 

But if you can afford the capital, for now, nothing should stop you from getting into the vending machine production and selling them to people who are aspiring to start a particular vending machine business. It’s a highly lucrative business because of the increased numbers of vending machine users.  

4. Fruits Vending Machine Business

It is another viable opportunity that you can also try. Fruits vending machine is a vending machine that helps in dispersing fruits. Fruits vending machine business can be very flourishing, especially when suitable locations are selected to set up the machine.

The best thing about this business is that it can do well anywhere throughout the world. All you need to do to ensure maximum profit is to dispense organic or fresh fruits. 

5. Flower Vending Machine

A flower vending machine opportunity can also be a profitable business that you can try. Flower vending machines are machines that dispense either artificial or fresh flowers.

So, if you’re still wondering what vending machine business to get into, you can give this one a try. You can make a lot of money because there are many people out there willing and able to buy flowers daily.

So again, if you’re planning to start a vending machine business, why not try this one?

6. Cupcake Vending Machine Opportunity

It is another viable business opportunity that you can also try. It’s widespread for cupcake bakers to retail their cupcakes to the members of the public using a vending machine. So, a cupcake vending machine is a vending machine that dispenses cupcakes.

You can start this business from anywhere you’re. And just like most vending machine businesses, all you need to identify a suitable location to set up your machine.

Additionally, you’ll require ensuring that you prepare cupcakes in various designs, flavours, themes, and different packaging, and you’ll be ready to go.

7. Cold Drinks Vending Machine Business

If you’re looking for a legit way of getting your business started and generate that additional income, you can consider a cold drink vending machine business. With this business, you’re able to sell a wide range of beverages to your customers. It gets you started in one of the best and secure business opportunities around.

Additionally, you can expand out and begin vending soft drinks, candy, juices, popcorn, chips, crackers, nuts, cookies, sports drinks, bottled water, energy drinks, etc. Depending on the location of your machine, you can decide on what you want in particular situations.

Depending on where you set up your machine, you can decide on what you want to sell in a specific spot. 

Location experts can assist you in placing your machine for the ideal potential spots. Some of these locations include hotels, military bases, elementary schools, middle and high schools, colleges and universities, fairs parks, hospitals, among others.

A quality vending machine is designed in such a way that it needs low maintenance and efficient operation, secure service, and generate potential profits for you 24/7. 

8. Towels and Handkerchiefs

Just like any other profitable vending machine business, a towel and handkerchief vending machine business can also do very well and give you a nice profit. There are so many parts of the world that this business does well, especially during the summer seasons.

So, if you’re about to launch a towel and handkerchiefs vending machine business, you’ll expect to sell more on some seasons like summer, as stated above.

However, you can also enjoy good sales if you set up your vending machine is strategic locations where you can serve many customers interested in the niche. You can place your vending machine in a place like sport centres, gyms, and areas where people are likely to sweat more. 

9. Ice Vending Machine Business

An ice vending machine business is a great business idea that can do very well in areas that are prone to high temperatures. It can also thrive during seasons like summer. An ice vending machine business doesn’t require you a lot of capital to start.

You also don’t need to be there for your customers on a face-to-face basis, and you can run the business all day and night, depending on the spot you set up your machine.

Many entrepreneurs love ice vending machine businesses because they are flexible since they can be customized to accommodate your lifestyle.

Additionally, anyone can begin an ice vending machine business because, as mentioned, you don’t need any huge capital to get started. You can buy a second-hand vending machine and yet enjoy the best out of it. You also don’t need any professional know-how to operate this kind of business. You can give it a try. 

10. Greeting Cards

It can also be another viable business opportunity that you can try if you’re aspiring to become an entrepreneur. Greeting cards vending machine business can flourish and provide you with a constant stream of passive income. That’s because people adore cards and the warmth that comes from the messages written on those cards. 

Another great thing that people like about greeting cards is their colour combination, as well as the images printed on them.

So, if you would like to start this business, you will need to do a few things to maximize your profits. One, you have to make sure that you stock your machine with a wide selection of greetings cards, including, get well, birthday, thank you, congratulation cards, consolation, condolence, baby shower cards, among others.

Additionally, you’ll need to identify a suitable spot to set up your vending machine. 

Bonus Vending Machine Business Opportunity

Frozen Food Machine

A frozen food vending machine business is another excellent business that any aspiring entrepreneur can give a try. Many people are doing this business, and it’s indeed a viable and lucrative business venture. Frozen foods like chicken, fish, turkey, among others, are generally accessible around the world. That means you can start this business anywhere across the globe. Thus, if you’re wondering which vending machine business opportunity to get into, frozen food can be a great ideal. And just like any other vending machine business opportunity, you don’t need huge capital and complex management to keep the business running and generating revenue. 

However, remember to choose a suitable location for the business carefully. An ideal location will contribute significantly to the success of the business. Some of the best sites for a frozen food vending machine business include residential estates and market places.  


If you need to start a profitable vending business, it will be essential that you learn the ideal locations to set up the machine. You’ll also need to identify the type of machine that will work well at a specific location and handle the competition to realize the profit you need. 

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