10 Low Cost Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms in 2021

Having your own business while you give enough time to your family can be a great idea. Start your business today!!
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Most of the women today are looking to combine their career and their stay at home. There are lots of options, from private label drop shipping, to online education, to selling homemade products, and so much more, available to women that don’t require leaving their home and children to work and earn money.

Do some market research, see how the people are responding to a certain business and then take a call as to which business will suit you best.

Without any research work it might not be a good idea to delve into any kind of business no matter how small it is and how less the investment required for the same. 

Many mothers aspire to start a business that provides flexibility and that they can do from home.


Here are the 10 business ideas for stay at home moms in 2021

1. Virtual Assistant 

Many companies are going virtual with the help of the internet being at our fingertips. This, in turn, is creating a demand for virtual assistants. Many of the companies with office spaces also prefer hiring virtual assistants.

Being a virtual assistant is not a very difficult job. All you have to do is attend phone calls, organize schedules, and arrange meetings. You can also take other duties such as organize travel bookings and travel details, and more.

Being virtual assistance is about all typical roles of assistant without the need to be in the office.

There may be many freelancers and sole traders who seek this kind of service, and you can build up more clients to earn more money. You can also find opportunities as a virtual assistant on various websites.

2. Website Content Writer

Content marketing is one of the growing businesses today. Many websites are looking for writers who can create content on different topics. If you have good writing skill and is confident with the grammar, you can help companies write quality articles and blog posts which can be a great way to earn money.

Make sure you can write within the deadlines. One can decide ones’ work schedules making this the best business idea to choose to stay at home moms.

It is best to start writing on the subjects on which you have thorough knowledge. Read various articles and learn from online courses to do things the right. Good browsing and research skills will help you quickly deliver information on any topic with confidence.

3. Cake Baking and Cake Decorating Business

If you love baking and have a passion for making not just delicious but visually appealing cakes, it is a great idea to consider this as a business opportunity. The best thing about this business is that you can do it in your own time at home, in your leisure. Hence this is a perfect business for a stay at home moms. 

You can market your business on social media like Facebook and Instagram, take beautiful pictures of your products, and showcase your work on social media pages of effectively promoting your service.

You can also give your product to the bakeries and local cafes. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you may start a niche cake business such as vegetarian, cartoon characters, or other specialized designs.

4. Online Cooking School

Online cooking school is a great way to earn money at home, especially if you have a passion for cooking. You need to be very clear and teach in a manner that is easy to understand by one and all.

To start this business, you will require some simple kitchen equipment, enough kitchen space, a camera, and an internet connection. If you are a nutritionist, you can teach how to make healthier recipes with alternative ingredients.

And, if you are a trained chef, teach your hacks and techniques to your students. A lot of people reach out to learn effective culinary skills and, you can be a source of that for the people.

5. Transcription Services

If you can type quickly and efficiently, without errors, why not start some transcription service. This job would require your listening skills for recording and typing the content, word for word. You will require a computer and an internet connection to start this business.

You would also need to be detail-oriented and organized for this job. Make sure you are very quick in typing lots of words in a minute. Many medical transcriptionists are earning enough money by getting paid on a high hourly rate. 

6. Personal Chef

Many busy professionals and families may not have the time to create their meals, especially when they have specific dietary needs. If you love cooking and don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen, why not offer your service of personal chef for an added income.

You can cook at your home and deliver it to your customers. Creating a menu and ordering time slots can help you to make the business stay on time and be cost-effective.

Learn to work with portable equipment that you can carry around if needed. Start by offering a few dishes on a meal and learn to make them perfect. This will not only help you become an efficient cook but also help you attract new clients and hold on to the existing ones.

You can also specialize in a specific area such as gluten-free, low calories and vegetarian will help you target people who are looking for some specifications.

7. Online or Home Tutor

If you are an expert in Mathematics or English or Science, or any other discipline whatsoever and are good with kids and young adults, it is a great idea to start tutoring at your home or online.

Some parents prefer face-to-face tutoring, while others prefer Online classes. It is quite easy to turn this into an online job. You can work at a time that suits you or collaborate with the student for a mutually suitable time. 

Many online companies out there are looking for online teachers who can work from home. And if you have experience in teaching, it is a bonus. To do this job, you will require to have passion as well as patience to teach kids.

8. Craft Business

If you are a creative soul, there are many ways to capitalize on your skill and start a business of your handmade products. Many people love buying handmade products such as handmade jewelry, decor, arts, prints, ceramics, and more. 

Figure out what you can make and market it to the right audience. Sell your items at local craft fairs and bazaars. Start networking on social media, create a page on Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can also sell your handmade items on eBay or Esty.

You can even start a craft blog with tutorials online for DIY crafts if you are good at communicating with people and making them understand how to do these things right.

9. Clothing Design and Alteration Service 

Most of the women are handy with a sewing machine. If you are good at designing and embroidery, you can create your clothing line and sell them online or consign your work to local boutiques. If you prefer working with clothing companies that are already in the market, you will have multiple opportunities.

You can also start your clothing alteration service. People require alteration services throughout the year in some form or the other. By providing parallel services, you can charge an appropriate price and make it a profitable business. 

You can hope to get more work in the spring and summer season, as it is the most popular time for weddings, graduations, and other programs. Be perfect in your work and stick to timelines, so that you can maintain regular and loyal customers who will always prefer your service over your peers. 

10. Homemade Beauty Product Business

Beauty product which is organic and vegan are in high-demand in the present-day scenario. If you have the recipe for a beauty product like moisturizing cream or face masks, you can create them for the people who will appreciate it and those who prefer handmade products.

You can learn more recipes from online videos and expand your product line. Market your business on social media, which can help you find a higher number of customers. You can start selling your beauty product range on Esty.

Since labeling is necessary for beauty products, it can be a tricky business for you. It is better that you learn more before starting this business. You might also require some licenses to start selling your products in the online and retail markets. Researching before you start would help you have a better chance over your peers.


For all kinds of businesses, you require a lot of research before you dive into it. It is no different for the businesses mentioned above as well. You need to understand the nooks and corners of the business before you can take any decision as to which kind of buiness you are willing to dive into.

Having your own business while you give enough time to your family can be a great idea. Start your business today!!


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