10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Just word of mouth is not going to bag you, clients. It’s time to step up and expand your reach in this fierce competition.
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Real estate has been one of the most thriving and profitable businesses of all time. Of course, we all know that, but being a real agent, are you adapting yourself to the changing times in this digital era?

Gone are the days when traditional marketing techniques were enough to sail you through.

Just word of mouth is not going to bag you, clients. It’s time to step up and expand your reach in this fierce competition. 

Whether you are already an established agent or looking forward to taking it up as your source of livelihood, below are some key points you should look into for a profitable business.

1. Creating a Brand Name

Putting up a name board in front of your office and business card is merely inadequate. Nowadays, when we browse through the internet each time we think of buying something, they won’t agree that people might be doing the same for buying a house? Yes, first things first create a website.

Hire a professional, make it interactive, use engaging pictures and words. Showcase your vision, what you are ready to offer to your clients. Keep in mind to have all the pages as in a standard website, including the FAQ page. 

Be sure to give in the contact details, including your picture, email id, and contact number. People visiting your website need to know who they are interacting with. Keep it real as much as possible. You can update your site regularly for viewers to see what’s new.

Start using video for listings, use a professional to create some virtual tours videos for your property listings, and add these links to the tours on the blog, website, and social media.  It basically allows a potential buyer to get a firm idea about the real time-space. 

2. Registering Yourself 

In 2016, the Indian government passed a law “Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA)” to regulate the real estate business. It made strict policies to be fulfilled by the developers and agents while selling their property. After registering themselves, an agent becomes more accountable to buyers and holds responsibility for their business activities and practices.

 Simultaneously, you can also register yourself in local services information websites like asklaila and JustDial for a newcomer buyer to start his/her search for the ideal home. Include lots of photos of your model home with the listing. Keep announcing new property listings regularly.

3. Be Updated in Your Area

Just knowing about the property you are about to sell is not enough. You have to do extensive homework on the surrounding area, its advantages and proximity to facilities, and how the housing market has performed there.

The more informed you are, the easier it will be to answer clients’ questions and earn their trust. 

4. Sell as if You Were the Customer

Consider taking this approach. What would you look to buy the same home you are looking to sell? Do an internet search on real estate web sites for the same specifications like the number of bedrooms and baths, and price range as the house you are trying to sell.

Select the reviews for the search results. Carefully review every similar property, including the provided photos, which comes up irrespective of the price. Keep an eye on each ad and take notes about their selling points.

After taking the note, now it is time to compare all the notes and images of each ad of your campaign.

Next, search for the same house in different geographic parameters. Now you can try out the same criteria, and search for the same home to sell it in a different city, state, or area.

Now take the notes and compare them with the other notes you have taken, by doing this, you can come to know about the additional selling points that possibly other local agents are already using. 

At the end of this exercise, you will come up with some unique features and specific selling points. Many agents fail to make this comparison and hence are not updated. Always take notice of these excellent points on the properties. 

5. Dive in Social Media 

The next step is creating your presence on all social platforms. Be sure not to use your profiles. Create business profiles as it looks more professional. Include more visually appealing content with your posts.

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There are numerous templates you can use to customize your images to fit with the job. Join the real estate related groups; it will give you a wider audience, simultaneously keeping you posted with market trends and needs of the buyers. 

Moreover, use Facebook live and Instagram streams to interact casually with viewers regularly. The content of these chats can be the various queries in the posts or local real estate news and updates, market trends, and so on.

Endless content is out there; the whole point of social media presence is your viewers remember you, so be regular. Believe it or not, but this whole thing requires only minimal efforts by yourself.

6. Online Marketing

Online advertising is an excellent marketing tool to showcase your service offerings. Take advantage of Google ads, Facebook ads, and sponsored ads. PPC or pay per click is the main recommendation, as it’s natural and effective.

Shell out some extra bucks, promote your business on Facebook and Instagram. All these ads lead to creating more traffic to your website, thus generating more leads. 

All conventional methods may not be useful now, but print advertising still holds for real estate. Newspaper ads, flyers, and brochures can be an effective option to spread the word. 

Local radio can also serve as a medium to reach people as a vast population of our country still listens to the radio. It can lead to a lot of inquiries.

Another way of getting leads is business-to-consumer (B2C) real estate trade shows or seminars. These shows can also make you aware of your competitors and help you improve.

7. Start a Blog

You already have a presence in social media, but do you have an online presence? Buyers may not be directed to your website always. To engage more, you can create a blog post on the properties you are offering for selling.

Hire a good writer to create great content. It can be beneficial in SEO rankings. It gives you a chance to appear when jotting the right keywords, redirecting readers to your website.

The blog posts don’t have to be vast. Keep it short and straightforward with capturing photos and videos. It’s not like you need to upload content daily, but it should be regular.

8. Speak Directly to the Potential Buyers

Return phone calls and answer emails promptly. Once a prospective buyer contacts, you do not delay in talking to them. Avoid too long email conversations. Try your best to get the buyer’s contact number and request for a face to face meeting. You can generate a great deal of information from these meetings like budget, timeline, and facilities the buyer is looking for. 

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You can carve a picture of what the buyer is seeking. When you are more apparent on your clients’ needs, you will be able to give them exactly what they want. Keep in mind to stay in touch after the meeting, not like continually begging for attention but casually as well.

9. Try Influencer Marketing

Hiring influencers are becoming a more accessible way of getting exposure. Real estate agents work with tons of various professionals – furniture suppliers, contractors, interior designers, and many more. 

For example, collaborating with an interior designer or furniture designer and getting them to showcase your model home can be beneficial. Buyers are continually looking for appealing designs in all fields. A person looking for furniture may land to your page and might be interested in your project. Influencers, big and small, who agree to help you can be compensated in different ways like money or product or some discounted offers.

10. Get Your Client’s Testimonials

Always make sure to get the photographs, even video testimonials from your happy clients, because this can be a plus point as well. Upload these videos on social media platforms as well as your landing page on the website. People out there want to see buyers like themselves to speak for them.

Get reviews on sites such as asklaila, justdial, and other local information websites also. It is an obvious plus understandable thing that a profile with 0 reviews gets very minimal traffic as compared to the provisions which have 5 to 10 reviews or ratings. 

The competition in the real estate field is very higher; that is why if anyone wants to become a successful real estate agent, then it is important to bring some new and creative ideas to sell properties.  Continually adapting to the new marketing techniques and carving your niche can help you stand out and bag more customers.

In the end, a successful real estate agent’s marketing strategy involves more than just selling off houses or developing a high profile. The successful agent has to build a reliable and trustworthy relationship with clients, after all, a home of own is a dream of every individual and a real estate agent guides you to your perfect house.

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