10 Best Parental Control Apps For Android & iOS

The following Parent Control Apps are perfect for Android as well as iPhone users to give their children a safe and secured internet access.
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In this era of digitalization and technology, the internet is indispensable everywhere. To do the parenting in synchronization with unlimited access of the internet sometimes seems quite difficult.

While most of the schools are making online learning mandatory for the kids, as a parent, it is necessary to give them a safe corner where there can’t be any cyber harm.

It is not possible for the working parents to keep an eye always on your kid’s screen but you can definitely supervise virtually.

The following Parent Control Apps are perfect for Android as well as iPhone users to give their children a safe and secured internet access.

Here are 10 best parental control apps you should try:-

1. Family Time

Family Time Parental Control App takes control over the web content. You can decide which websites your child can have access to. This can also set time schedules through different segments or set the total time of being active. The geo-fencing facility is available through which the location of the device can be tracked.

You can monitor all the texts or call activity and the details of the contact list. Also, this app, through customized functions, keep your kids away from paid apps or games to prevent any unwanted money transaction. To unlock all the features, you have to take the paid premium membership.

2. Norton Family

Through the Norton Family Parental Control App all the harmful and improper websites can be blocked entirely. Also, you can keep an eye on what your child is searching for and restrict their freedom of net surfing.

It also can set online time limits. It shuts down the device during specific hours and thus maintains your child’s study hours. Whatever apps or games your kid may download you will get the notification. The app has a geofencing facility to track the device. You will be alerted if your child crosses a certain area. This application needs to be bought.

3. Net Nanny

Net Nanny Parental Control App offers web filtering, location tracking, location history, app blocking, time schedule, and many other features. The app is a little expensive but worth buying. It comes with a great design apt to handle everything very easily related to cyber precautions.

The app informs you about the latest searches, updates and specially sends an alert if your child views any inappropriate or harmful content. It has tools to control the screen timing of the device. But the drawback of this application is that it can not monitor the SMS and calls.

4. Kaspersky

In addition to a very strong antivirus, Kaspersky provides a reliable parental control app with which you can give your kids protected internet access. Kaspersky blocks inappropriate websites, online content, and inappropriate Youtube searches.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations for iPhone users. It also controls your kids’ activity on social-platforms life Facebook. You’ll get to know the battery percentage of the device. You can make a safe boundary for your kids to stay within. The cost of the app is very affordable.

5. Kidslox

Kidslox parental control app manages your kids’ journey through the internet and keeps it under control. Three modes of customization are available- unrestricted ‘Parent mode’, custom ‘Child mode’, and fully restricted ‘Lockdown mode’. Time tables can be scheduled as per your child’s daily routine.

You can also set daily screen-time limits. Harmful websites, games, apps like Youtube, Facebook can be blocked. It is free of unwanted advertisements. Through the geofencing feature, your child can be located on a map very easily. Kidslox gives you a free trial for a few days but after that, you have to do the monthly subscription to continue.

6. Qustodio

Qustodio is a perfect app that will keep your child safe online. You can monitor and track every step of your kids with the Qustodio parental control app. This parental control app allows you to monitor your kids’ screen time and data usage. You can not only watch it but you can also limit his usage with ease through the Qustodio app.

In the Qustodio app, you get features like screen time blocker, adult content filter, and GPS location tracker. If you buy the premium version of the Qustodio app then you can use it on 15 devices simultaneously.

7. Kids Mode

Kids Mode is not a very popular app in this segment but it has all the features that you will need in a parental control app. If you want to keep your children safe in this toxic online world then you will definitely need an app like Kids Mode.

Kids Mode allows you to monitor your kids’ screen time. Kids Mode lets you set limits on the apps and website’s usage. You can also block apps or websites that you think can be harmful to your child.

8. Teen Time

Teen Time is an underrated app in the parental control apps’ segment. Many of us have not heard about this app but it is a very decent app to control your child’s online usage.

You can set a daily limit on the app’s usage with Teen Time. Teen Time also allows you to get reports on the visited websites, searched queries, and watched YouTube videos.  You can organize your kid’s schedule with the Teen Time app.

9. Kroha (Parental Control)

Kroha is an exciting parental control app that offers all the basic features that you will need in a parental control app. With Kroha, you can block applications or games on your child’s phone. You can also block or limit access to social media app with Kroha’s help.

You will get a detailed view of the apps, websites, and screen time with the Kroha parental control app. Family Locator and GPS tracking feature allow you to locate your kids’ location in real-time. 

10. Parental Control SecureKids

SecureKids is another app that you can use to block web pages, applications, calls, and devices. You can also use SecureKids to locate the device of your child and get the exact location where he is. There are several interesting features in the SecureKids app that you are going to love for sure.

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